What is i-GVS
i-GVS is the name of our teaching and learning solution designed to create an effective learning environment and a virtual workspace suitable for the delivery of full-time vocational training and apprenticeships.
i-GVS combines all of the following in one solution:
  • Highly interactive digital content which can be utilised for the delivery of effective teaching and learning
  • A flexible and personalised learning experience which can be tailored to provide the level of challenge required by each individual
  • A full record of learning which can be extensively analysed to provide greater insights into learner behaviour, progress, and performance and to inform further efforts needed to achieve impact
Why i-GVS?
  • Mapped to UK NOS and Apprenticeship Standards
  • Tutor workload reduction
  • Opportunity to stretch and challenge
  • Learning evidence and analytics
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Learner retention
  • Improved outcomes
  • Consistency and impact