What we offer for SEND learners

i-GVS has been designed to promote inclusive practices in education enabling differentiation and ensuring that SEND learners feel included, supported, and encouraged to learn.

Our modules deliver essential knowledge and assessments presented in a variety of ways, including animations and interactive screens rich with imagery, to accommodate different learning styles and enable multisensory learning.

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Accessibility features

i-GVS is equipped with accessibility features, such as video and audio, image enlargement, use of call-to-actions and prompts to activate responses, etc.

For users with poor vision

  • provides audio recordings of the text
  • provides an image enlargement option
  • uses an intuitive interface with a logical layout
  • uses a combination of colour, shapes and text to aid learning

For users with dyslexia

  • uses images and diagrams to support the text
  • uses a consistent and uncomplicated layout with the text aligned to the left
  • uses reminders and prompts
  • keeps content concise and comprehensible

For users with hearing issues

  • uses plain English
  • provides subtitles for animated videos
  • uses a logical layout
  • breaks up content with sub-headings, bullets and images

For users with physical or motor disabilities

  • uses large, easily clickable buttons
  • gives sufficient spacing between fields
  • uses an intuitive interface with a logical layout

For users on the autistic spectrum

  • uses plain English, simple sentences and bullets
  • makes buttons descriptive
  • builds simple and consistent layouts

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