FE colleges
FE colleges

We offer Further Education (FE) colleges a unique solution targeted at resolving common educational challenges. i-GVS features digital educational content for the delivery of full-time vocational training and apprenticeships that is mapped to UK National Occupational Standards and Apprenticeship Standards and designed to create a personalised learning experience.

i-GVS benefits tutors by:

  • Supporting lesson planning, design and delivery
  • Diversifying traditional teaching practices
  • Enhancing assessment and feedback
  • Facilitating attainment of the intended learning outcomes
  • Helping measure and analyse impact

i-GVS benefits learners by:

  • Improving knowledge retention
  • Fostering attainment and achievement
  • Enhancing skills and capabilities
  • Aiding readiness for the assessment
  • Creating a personalised learning environment

Explore the different formats of learning with i-GVS and find the best one to fit your needs here.

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