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How to get started
How to get started
  • The Training Provider should have a GVS PiLOT account and a named person in place as the "Supervisor" or "Administrator"
  • The Training Provider may request from GVS LTI-access keys for any courses for which they have been allocated user licences
  • The Training Provider should set up at least one group in GVS PiLOT for each such course
  • LTI access requires two passwords (consumer key/shared secret) and several other settings. These details will be sent to the account holder (normally in an email headed "GVS-LTI access").

Direct course access through GVS PiLOT means users can enjoy the benefits of additional functionalities, features and technical support.

Restrictions to the number of users are determined by the number of user licences purchased by the establishment.

Within a relevant course in Moodle, you need to add an "External Tool" activity using the settings supplied in your "GVS-LTI access" email. Read through the Guide to learn more about the setup process.

The GVS-LTI tool enables seamless integration with any LTI compliant learning management system, without requiring further login or input of separate user credentials. The setup varies slightly according to the learning platform (VLE).

All support is provided in the "User Support" section of your interface.

Yes, you can complete your i-GVS course from any computer or tablet that has internet access.