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i-GVS is the name of our digital content. It has been designed to create an immersive learning environment, delivering underpinning knowledge and simulation-based practical training for vocational activities.

Colleges, training providers and establishments can purchase user licenses and will be able to access the relevant content.

i-GVS content is accessed through either our cloud-based delivery platform GVS PiLOT or LTI-compatible VLEs via a link to provide a unified platform and a single login process.

GVS PiLOT is our cloud-based delivery platform, designed to provide easy access to the content, as well as supporting tutors in managing the teaching and learning process through the provision of full analytical data.

An i-ACT is a type of module used by learners to acquire relevant underpinning knowledge. Each i-ACT is made up of a variety of interactive modules, split across 3 strands:

i-Practice is a type of module used to develop the practical skills required by simulating real-world vocational activities in a virtual environment. This helps learners by building their confidence in carrying out specific activities, and also enabling them to apply the underpinning knowledge they have learned so far from the course content.

    Yes! You can use our Content Management System to:
  • build a new course precisely tailored to your needs
  • modify an existing course to create a learning package that works for you.

It depends on a course structure. The number of topics/units across courses may vary. On average, it takes about 4.9 learning hours to complete a topic/unit. To find number of units per course and more, please click here.

Learning with i-GVS offers flexibility and is designed to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of learners.

We have created a unique and immersive learning environment allowing you to acquire a depth of knowledge and skills to smoothly transition from a simulated workspace in the industry of your choice.

If you want to learn more about i-GVS, a Free Trial is probably the right way to go.

Prices are charged on per learner basis; tutors are signed up for free. We have different packages, but the general rule is the more learners, the cheaper.