Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2
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The course aims to provide you with the knowledge and essential skills to enable you to competently repair and maintain light motor vehicles.

On completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Work safely within the automotive environment, identify hazards and risks in the automotive environment, and comply with relevant legislation and good practice
  • Work effectively within the organisational structure of the automotive work environment by using effective communication and support
  • Select and use the appropriate tools for a wide range of practical workshop activities
  • Understand the main mechanical components of a four-stroke engine and their functions, and remove and replace light vehicle engine system components using appropriate tools and equipment
  • Describe the construction and operation of light vehicle engine systems, and identify and replace system components and units using appropriate tools and equipment
  • Understand and identify the components of a basic steering system, completely remove and replace a track rod end, and carry out a 4 wheel alignment
  • Identify the different structures of a tyre, understand the purpose of different types of tyre, competently change and balance a tyre
  • Understand the principles of the braking  and suspension systems, identify and replace system components using appropriate tools and equipment
  • Understand the principles and identify the purpose of manual transmission and clutch unit, and perform basic removal and refitting of manual gearbox and clutch components
  • Understand the principles of electrical and electronic systems, and conduct safe and systematic approaches to inspect and test vehicle electrical systems
  • Carry out a full service on a light vehicle using serviceable systems and components
  • Liaise with customers and safely inspect vehicle systems using recommended methods and techniques
Where this will lead

Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2 can lead to a career as a Light Vehicle Technician and/or you can choose to progress to further studies.

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