Engineering Mandatory Units Level 3
Topic count
Each topic equates to a unit of the curriculum
i-ACT count
Each i-ACT delivers one lesson of underpinning knowledge, including both theory and assessment modules
i-Practice count
Each i-Practice simulates a practical task, including training and assessment modules

The course aims to provide you with the knowledge and essential skills required to progress onto the relevant engineering pathway available at Level 3.

On completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Work safely, complying with health and safety regulations, workplace requirements as well as environmental standards and legislation
  • Implement accident and emergency procedures in the workplace
  • Explain the relevance of engineering information, describe the difference between the abbreviations and notations used on various standard engineering drawings, circuit diagrams or piping layouts, and interpret engineering information
  • Describe the difference between a range and form of supply of materials commonly used in engineering; state the defects that can occur in materials/products and explain the importance of controlling them, and select materials to meet specification requirements in a typical engineering environment
  • Understand and apply principles of engineering calculations and equations
  • Understand quality control processes in engineering
  • Produce different types of engineering drawings
Where this will lead

Engineering Mandatory Units Level 3 will enable you to progress onto the engineering pathway of your choice.

Estimated learning hours