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Business Administration Level 2
Topic count
Each topic equates to a unit of the curriculum
i-ACT count
Each i-ACT delivers one lesson of underpinning knowledge, including both theory and assessment modules
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Each i-Practice simulates a practical task, including training and assessment modules

The course aims to provide you with the knowledge of a range of business and administration practices as well as the essential skills and techniques relevant to your role within the workplace.

On completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the language, content, structure and accuracy of information required in communication relevant to your role within the workplace
  • Understand the regulatory requirements for producing, storing and distributing documents and how information is managed in business environments
  • Understand organisational structure, purpose, activities, aims, values, vision for the future, resources and the way that the political/economic environment affects the organisation
  • Manage personal performance and development
  • Understand the principles and benefits of effective team working
  • Understand health and safety requirements and responsibilities in a business environment
  • Deal with calls using the telephone and other electronic equipment, identify and use the correct protocols, understand the importance of reporting faults, following security and data-protection procedures
  • Meet and welcome visitors in a business environment
  • Manage diary systems, collate and report data, store and retrieve information
  • Produce minutes of meetings to meet legal requirements and the different procedures involved
  • Handle outgoing and incoming mail, provide reception services and archive information
  • Maintain and issue stationery, supplies and office equipment
  • Contribute to the organisation of events, organise business travel or accommodation, and provide administrative support for meetings
  • Develop and deliver presentations, and process customers’ financial transactions
  • Effectively deliver customer service and develop customer relationships to present a favorable image of the organisation
  • Understand the principles and regulations governing employment rights and responsibilities, explore career pathways and progression opportunities
  • Understand the laws to promote equality and how they are implemented through your organisation's policies
Where this will lead

Business Administration Level 2 can lead to a variety of careers in business administration and/or you can choose to progress to further studies in the industry.

Estimated learning hours