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i-GVS courses for the apprenticeship delivery

An apprenticeship is a hands-on way to learn a new trade or profession, integrating practical on-the-job training (through full-time employment) with supporting study (usually one day a week). Apprentices can be at any age or stage in their career and cover a wide range of sectors.

However, recent findings from “DfE Learners and Apprentices Study: Reasons for non-completion” suggest that many apprentices in England experience challenges during their learning journey and often drop out of their courses. The study showed that non-completers commonly experience such problems as:

  • insufficient flexibility
  • personal and domestic issues
  • dissatisfaction with tutors
  • too theoretical and not relevant to the job content
  • high workload
  • their employer not allowing them enough time to do their coursework

The greatest issues are centred around the interaction between the employers, who commonly ask apprentices to prioritise their employment over their studies, and the apprentices, who end up falling behind on their coursework.

Mindful of these challenges, Global Vocational Skills has been working on developing digital content to effectively deliver the required 20% off-the-job training. Our apprenticeship content, hosted and delivered via our own cloud-based platform, has been designed to:

  • meet the needs of employers and apprentices
  • provide evidence of learning supported by comprehensive analytical data
  • empower learners to take control of their learning

Learning with i-GVS offers flexibility, a personalised approach plus delivery of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers are looking for.

The GVS EdTech effectively manages the learning process and enables the tutor to focus on the needs of each individual learner. The analytical data generated by our platform provides a real insight into learning and allows tutors and employers to monitor performance, progress, and engagement of their apprentice.

Our aim is to ensure that all digital content is produced to a consistently high quality and aligned with apprenticeship standards. Each lesson travels through ten stages and is only signed off at each stage once all quality checks are successfully completed.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the following apprenticeship courses from September 2019:

  • Preparing for End Point Assessment
  • Developing Behaviours
  • Business Administrator Level 3
  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3
  • Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Level 3 (Year 1)

For further information about our digital content, and to learn more about how your apprentices can benefit, please call 02080042000 or email