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Monitoring Learner Progress

The ability to generate meaningful metrics and reports serves as a valuable tool when it comes to tracking and recording achievements and results across key aspects of learning. This can benefit both the tutors and learners alike:

  • Managers - can measure the effectiveness of tutor performance by monitoring the number of completed i-Practice Assessments and certificates awarded
  • Tutors - it plays a vital part in the live monitoring of learner progress and performance, as well as providing evidence that learning is taking place. The tracking of progress can be used to set learner targets, highlight areas of the curriculum where learners may be struggling and identify any knowledge gaps. 
  • Learners - provides direct access to their test results. This helps to build confidence and identify points of possible weakness by showing course progression.


Metrics and Reports

We have created a meaningful set of metrics that can be generated in report format, and can be used by tutors to monitor the progress and performance of their learners. The ability to track learner progress is a highly effective tool for: 

  • recording achievements and results across key aspects of learning 
  • observing levels of learner comprehension 
  • highlighting areas of the curriculum that a learner might be having difficulty with 
  • assessing the individual’s needs and setting learner targets

Where progress has not been adequate, the metrics will reflect this, identifying possible knowledge gaps, and enabling the tutor to intervene and appropriately address the needs of that particular learner, or group of learners.The metrics can also be utilised as a useful management tool to bring about transparency to the learning process, and to enable teaching standards to be monitored and measured. 

Currently there are 6 different report types available:

The reports can be used to display data covering many areas, such as:

  • learner results from i-Check, i-Test and i-Practice (Assessment)  
  • number of courses completed and the number remaining 
  • student access and results on each activity 
  • a simple overview of progress for the whole class or particular groups 
  • graphical analysis of the results spread for any particular test 
  • number of certificates awarded 

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Delivery Platform GVS PiLOT

This is our cloud based Learning Management System which has been specially designed to provides metrics, tracking and progress reports for managers, tutors and learners, to help improve the effectiveness and management of the teaching and learning process. 

The provision of comprehensive analytical data, filtered into meaningful metrics via the generation of reports, can help to provide support and transparency to the teaching and learning process, in order to improve learner outcomes. 

Other key benefits of our cloud based system include:

  • remote access - i-GVS content accessible from any computer in any location
  • automatic software updates to minimise operational disruptions 
  • visual charts - help to clearly display results
  • messenger function - enable direct communication between tutor and learner