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Learner achievements and awards
Learner achievements and rewards

Mindful of the power of motivation in learning, we are happy to introduce a three-tier certification system that is designed to:

  • Test and benchmark learner experience and knowledge
  • Create a sense of achievement
  • Boost learner confidence
  • Keep learners motivated and engaged
  • Provide tangible evidence of learning

The Assessment Completion Record is generated at the end of each assessment module (i-Checks, i-Tests and i-Practices) and shows the learner’s level of competency and understanding. Where the learner has had multiple attempts at an assessment, the best attempt is recorded.

The Certificate of Topic Completion is produced when a full topic has been covered by the learner (including the theory, practice and assessment modules).

The Certificate of Course Completion is awarded when all the topics have been covered by the learner.

Certificates are stored in the learner’s profile and can be printed or saved in PDF format. These can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.