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Learning with i-GVS offers flexibility, addressing the needs of a diverse range of learners. Each topic delivers a mix of theory and practice modules, split into varied interactive activities and followed by comprehensive assessments, all of which have been carefully designed and verified to guide learners through the learning process and help them achieve consistently outstanding outcomes.

Theory (i-Ask)

These modules deliver essential knowledge presented in a variety of ways, including animations and interactive screens, rich with imagery to enhance retention.

Formative assessment (i-Check)

Designed to check the learner’s understanding of the content, these modules feature activities like image labelling,interactive card games, and matching exercises.

Summative assessment (i-Test)

This type of assessment is a scored test to ensure that the level of knowledge acquired meets the requirements, presented in a variety of ways, such as crosswords, multiple-choice quizzes, and text input tasks.

Guided Practice (i-Practice Training)

These modules have been cleverly designed to guide learners through a virtual activity in a step-by-step process with full instruction, teaching best practice for that industry.

Performance-based assessment (i-Practice Assessment)

These scored assignments require learners to complete the same activity without guidance, aiding learning through the repetition of tasks. The virtual environment is relatable to real-life vocational challenges that learners are likely to face.

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