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In-built assessments
In-built assessments

We provide tutors with a powerful tool enabling them to reduce workload around marking assessments and giving feedback, effectively manage the learning process and focus on the needs of each individual learner.  The i-GVS solution incorporates three types of in-built assessment: formative, summative and performance-based.

Formative assessments (i-Checks) provide tutors with information about their learners’ comprehension, progression and needs. They can be used to identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses, target areas of concern, and plan interventions to close knowledge gaps.

Summative assessments (i-Tests) are delivered to evaluate learning at the end of an instructional unit , measured against standardised criteria and expressed as a percentage of the total possible number of correct answers.

Performance-based assessments (i-Practices) are based on the practical demonstration of the skills and competencies that a learner has acquired.

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