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Formats of learning

i-GVS supports a customised and integrated approach to learning addressing the needs of increasingly diverse learners. By adopting technology in a sound pedagogical manner, we have created a unique solution to encourage effective teaching practices, enhance learner experience, and fuel personalisation.

Explore the different formats of learning with i-GVS and find the best one to fit your needs:
  • Follows a set sequence through the i-GVS scheduling tool
  • Facilitates face-to-face instruction with the use of interactive i-GVS screens
  • Enables instant feedback and instructional adjustments
  • Follows a self-paced and self-scheduled plan
  • Gives learners ownership and accountability over their learning
  • Engages learners in self-reflection of their progress and achievements
  • Allows a variety of learning modes incorporating applicable i-GVS activities
  • Creates flexibility for learners to choose when and where they learn
  • Maximises classroom time allowing tutors to focus on beneficial learning practices
Find out more about how i-GVS aids effective learning: