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How to get started
How to get started

Yes, you can complete i-GVS from any device that has internet access.

We recommend that you use Google Chrome to access i-GVS because it has built-in features that ensure a seamless experience compared with other web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

i-GVS can be accessed on portable devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, with a resolution of 1280 x 800. Please make sure that when using such devices, you view the content in the landscape mode. If you use the portrait mode, the message below will be displayed as the screen space is too small to fit the content.

When using an Apple device, please ensure that you are accessing i-GVS in the landscape mode. You may also find that the device opens i-GVS in the default web browser Safari, whereas we recommend that you use Google Chrome. The Google Chrome app is available to download for free from the Apple Store. To download the Google Chrome app on an Apple device, open the 'App Store' and search for 'Google Chrome'. Click the button to the right of the app to download it; you will see one of three options:

  • If you see Get, then you have not downloaded the app before and clicking this button will install it on your device. You need to enter your Apple ID to ‘purchase’ the app, but please note that the app is free.
  • If you see Open, then the app is already installed on your device and clicking this button will open it.
  • If you see a cloud logo, then you have downloaded the app previously then uninstalled it from your device. Clicking this button will reinstall the app.

If you have recently changed your password and are experiencing issues logging in, please clear your cache data. To do this, open your browser and select Ctrl+H on your keyboard; this will bring up the internet history menu. Select 'Clear browsing data' and select the three items shown below. Choose your preferred time range from which to clear the selected data, then click 'Clear data'.

You may wish to use the copy/paste function to enter your password, however, it is easy to accidentally copy extra spaces when doing so, which will prevent you from logging in. As the password field uses star signs to hide the characters, you will not be able to see the error. A handy trick to avoid this is to copy all but the last character of the password, paste it into the password field, then type in the final character manually; this ensures that no extra spaces are entered. Alternatively, you may wish to type in the whole password manually.

Direct access via the login page means that users can enjoy the benefits of additional features, functionality, and technical support. We highly advise you to access i-GVS directly rather than via the LTI link.

When an organisation purchases i-GVS for use via an LTI-compatible VLE, the following steps must be taken to set up access for the users:

  1. The training provider/college will have an i-GVS account created for them with a named "Supervisor" or "Administrator" within the organisation
  2. The training provider/college should set up at least one group in their account for each i-GVS course
  3. The training provider/college will be provided with LTI access keys for all groups. LTI access requires two passwords (a consumer key and a shared secret password) and several other settings. These details will be sent to the account holder by email following their purchase.

i-GVS can be accessed via Moodle using LTI links. Within a relevant course in Moodle, you need to add an "External Tool" activity using the settings supplied in your "GVS-LTI access" email. Read through the Guide to learn more about the setup process.

The i-GVS-LTI tool enables seamless integration with LTI-compliant VLEs without requiring further login or input of separate user credentials. The setup varies slightly according to the VLE. The following guides have been created to help you set up access via two commonly used systems: Canvas and Itslearning.

Comprehensive user support is provided in the "User Support" section of your interface.

If you require further assistance, you can contact our team at support@i-gvs.com.