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Compatibility and Installation

i-GVS has been designed to work on any connected device with a minimum screen size of 8” (20 cm) and benefits from a tablet or PC screen size, rather than a phone.

Supported web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Android Browser

Accessing our cloud-based content via the delivery platform GVS PiLOT does not require:

  • Installation
  • Browser plug-ins (such as Flash Player)

Other VLEs and learning platforms may also integrate i-GVS content using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) protocols.

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System requirements

i-GVS will work with, and has been optimised for, the following setup:

  • At least 1 GB of RAM.
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10, Android 4.1, iOS 8, MacOs X
  • One of the following web-browsers (with Javascript enabled):
    • Android Browser(version 3.1 or later)
    • Google Chrome (version 35.0 or later)
    • Safari (version 8.0 or later) for Apple devices

VLE Access

Providers are now able to set up access to GVS PiLOT through their own VLE, thanks to our new feature – Seamless Connect. Utilising Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) protocol, we are able to offer a system that can support:

  • a unified platform for all resources and applications
  • a simplified login process

The only prerequisite is that the existing VLE being used must be LTI compatible, such as Moodle and Canvas. Connection is easy – simply contact our support team to request an LTI access key which will enable you to implement LTI access to GVS PiLOT within your VLE.

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Product upgrades

We always try to improve our products and stay relevant to the current industry trends and requirements. This means that:

  • We constantly revise the content to make sure it is relevant to the current NOS (National Occupational Standards)
  • We listen carefully to what our users have to say about the functionalities available on our platform GVS PiLOT
  • We implement new features in GVS PiLOT and update templates’ functionality to address users’ requests
  • We continuously add new content to a number of existing courses so the products always grow
  • We make sure we comply with multiple legal requirements, for example GDPR, to provide a safe environment to our users

This page gathers information on the upgrades that have been implemented in our products overtime.

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Q   What is i-GVS?

A    i-GVS is our digital learning content. Each i-GVS is made up of a collection of i-ACT and i-Practice modules, covering the majority of the topics to successfully complete the qualification being studied for.

Q   Who can access Global Vocational Skills content?

A    Anyone who has purchased an i-GVS licence will be able to access the relevant content.

Q   What is GVS PiLOT?

A   GVS PiLOT is our cloud-based delivery platform. It provides remote access to i-GVS and a host of learning management tools such as metrics, tracking and progress reports.

Q   How do I access i-GVS content?

A   i-GVS is accessed through our cloud-based delivery platform GVS PiLOT, and now, thanks to our new seamless connect feature, it can be accessed through an existing VLE system to provide a unified platform and a single login process.

Q   How can I learn more about using i-GVS?

A   Once a license has been purchased, our learning development manager will arrange for full training to be provided. However, you will also have access to online materials via the website, such as tutorial videos and guides to help support you in using the software. 

Q   Can the i-GVS system be customised, and can I add my own content alongside it?

A   Yes! You can use our Content Management System to add or amend existing i-GVS content according to your needs, or you can use one of over 30 interactive templates to create your own course content.