Once the government’s Post-16 Skills Plan is introduced, each qualification will have only one awarding body. However, it is important to address our customers’ queries regarding i-GVS content mapping to the National Occupational Standards and awarding bodies.

It is important to be aware that i-GVS content:

  • Is not written to match any particular awarding body
  • Is mapped to the NOS units directly (hence the codes in the structures are the generic RQF/UAN references, which every awarding body refers to in their standards)
  • Does not correspond with any credits which awarding bodies usually differ by
  • Uses assessments (i-Checks and i-Tests) which are purely based on the content covered in the theory modules (i-Asks) of every i-GVS, i.e. also not awarding-body-driven
  • Offers i-Practices that directly correspond with the learning outcomes stating ‘be able to…’ in the standards
  • May have slight variations in the topic names, but the overall content still covers the learner outcomes for the course
  • May contain merged units or be intentionally separated out into a single topic, for example Tools and Equipment or Legislation. This is on the advice of Subject Matter Experts, and helps to avoid repetition and aids a smoother learner experience

The documents below draw parallels across several awarding bodies and their units to show how they correspond with each i-GVS product.