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AoC Annual Conference 2018
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AoC Annual Conference 2018

The focus of this years’ conference was on Driving Transformation, exploring how colleges have and continue to work towards driving change, particularly in the current difficult economic climate. Professionals across all levels of the further education sector, from senior leaders to tutors, came to share their experiences and explore ways in which colleges can continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of FE.

This year we were particularly keen to see how colleges have been developing their digital strategies, what these strategies involve, and how they plan to ensure that digital technology is integrated to further enhance their learning offering.

While we attended many sessions, we particularly enjoyed those that touched on individual college experiences. These gave us a better understanding of what colleges have to work with (or don’t have as many colleges are finding) and how they work with this to do the best they can to make sure they are constantly moving forward.

We felt that this year the conference was focussed more on digital and EdTech than ever before. It was refreshing to hear so many stories of the digital journeys that colleges have been on, and are still on. As providers of digital content, we know what a difference digital can make to the teaching and learning experience, and how important it is that tutors have support and guidance from their leadership team. To hear case studies of this in action is a great indication of the positive steps that colleges are taking.

To take away

Overall the event proved very successful for GVS. We met lots of new people and enjoyed catching up with some familiar faces too. We spent time discussing how our digital content, i-GVS, can be used to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and improve learner outcomes.

It was exciting to see so much enthusiasm for the product, and for EdTech in general. Thanks to the AoC for looking after us all so well and providing an excellent couple of days. We are already looking forward to 2019…see you there!