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Jisc Digifest
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Jisc Digifest

Celebrating the power of digital


Our time at Jisc’s annual festival proved invaluable for the growth of Global Vocational Skills. The event was attended largely by technology leaders representing learning institutes, colleges, and organisations and charities concerned with education. The opportunity to meet such experts allowed us to promote i-GVS and make further strides in the Further Education (FE) market.

We were particularly well received by several charity organisations who look to help people move towards being employable by providing them with the resources to work in the vocational fields. We also found that a senior nurse-lecturer, at one of the nation’s top universities for nursing, was highly impressed with our Health and Social Care (Adults) i-GVS for its comprehensive content and “for covering the fundamental basics that are so often neglected”.

Jisc also allowed us to gain a greater insight into the FE and Higher Education (HE) industry. Our time at the event demonstrated to us a world of possibility, not only for the sectors themselves but also for the development of our own content in the near future. In particular, we were largely impressed with the virtual reality demonstrations. These showed that with just a smart phone and a £100 helmet (viewing device) you could feasibly enter new realms previously only seen on futuristic science fiction shows and movies.

We are looking forward to what the future can bring to the education technology sector.