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How we do it

New Ways of Learning

We understand the challenge involved in delivering consistently high quality skills training. The focus to date has been on classroom based learning, and even though new technologies are now being used, they are still incorporated into traditional learning styles. 

As a solution, advanced models of blended learning should be introduced, which will: 

  • enable learning to also take place outside the classroom 
  • provide the tutors with the ability to monitor and manage the complete learning process 

Global Vocational Skills is actively participating in research projects to better understand new ways of learning. HUbBLE is a research programme investigating how truly Managed Interactive Learning Content can bring benefits to the vocational learning process. 

Improving Learner Outcomes

We see i-GVS as part of a complete solution in the TVET sector, providing the opportunity to develop an individual approach for every learner. This means that more tailored support can be given, with the intention of improving the outcome for each individual learner.  This is achieved by utilising the following methods:

Content – our Managed Interactive Learning Content is comprehensive, engaging, innovative, and acts as a bridge between traditional textbook and workshop learning. The whole process is managed by the tutor to ensure positive learner outcomes. i-GVS, under the control of the tutors, delivers the knowledge and practical skills that the learners need to gain their qualifications and succeed in their working lives. Content is mapped to recognised standards, and is easily adapted to match changing or newer standards coming into play.

Delivery Platform – i-GVS is delivered through our cloud-based solution, GVS PiLOT. This is our learning management system that has been specially designed to manage the complete learning, teaching and business process, having been created from the ground up to meet the specific demands of the TVET sector.

Tutor Support – this comes in the form of our Schemes of Work. These templates have been designed to assist the tutor in successfully delivering i-GVS content, enabling them to tailor their teaching methods, such as the degree and model of blended learning used, lesson structure and direction. These options are crucial to provide tutors with the opportunity to achieve maximum learning outcomes, both inside and outside the classroom.   

Fiscal Efficiencies

Utilising our solution within your TVET institution will help increase fiscal efficiencies for your business. Among the key efficiencies are:

  •  reductions in material cost: using our digital workshops (i-Practice) means that expensive equipment and resources are not wasted
  •  reductions in practical sessions: learners are given the opportunity to digitally practice practical skills, both inside and outside the classroom, cutting down on the number of workshop sessions
  •  reductions in face-to-face training costs: our whole solution means that teaching staff can better manage their time, with the use of alternative teaching techniques such as the flipped classroom setting
  •  an ability for teachers to step in/cover other classes: having a sound understanding of the teaching methods involved with i-GVS means that staff can cover other sessions where required, reducing temporary staffing bills
  •  a capacity to manage and teach more students: with i-GVS and the management tools it provides, it is possible to deliver an increased amount of guided learning hours without the need to increase the number of tutoring staff