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Corporate and Commercial Sector

Bespoke Learning Content

Global Vocational Skills has created i-GVS, a unique learning product providing a virtual workspace for the rehearsal of real-life practical skills training, along with highly engaging and interactive digital content for knowledge acquisition.

We are now able to use this technology to create bespoke learning content for companies wishing to effectively drive forward staff training and increase job performance and satisfaction.

We work closely with you to understand your needs - whatever your teaching or learning requirements, we’ve got you covered!

Most importantly, we place the individual at the heart of what we do. After all, if we can inspire and motivate people to grow and succeed in the workplace, then everyone benefits. Our product offers:

  • Bespoke and/or white label content to meet the specific demands of each company or organisation. You and your staff are unique, so why wouldn’t your learning be too.
  • Cloud-based user portal for effective management and monitoring of an individual’s progress and performance.