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TVET Institutions as Businesses

Further Education Colleges and Independent Training Providers are essentially businesses that must listen to their customers and respond accordingly. All stakeholders have differing demands, yet all have the same end-goal within the sector - to educate and bring benefit and value to the teaching and learning process. 

The focus of all providers of vocational skills training is to:

  • drive forward their training standards  
  • continually cultivate improvements in quality 
  • foster fiscal efficiencies 
  • successfully support learner progression into the workplace

Ultimately, every institution must find its own way to meet the demands for more advanced and effective teaching and learning in an economically challenging environment. Global Vocational Skills offers a solution to support each institution to succeed in meeting these demands. 

Further Education Colleges

If you are a Further Education provider, using our unique solution will provide you with the following benefits: 

  • Improved learner outcomes through the use of our interactive digital learning content, delivery platform - GVS PiLOT – and tutor support 
  • New management tools - bring transparency to the learning process inside and outside the classroom 
  • New schemes of work - provide a structure to implement various blended learning models, focusing on a reduction of tutor led guided learning hours 
  • Use of the same pedagogical methodology across different courses - creates new management opportunities and flexible use of teaching staff 
  • Reduction in workshop hours - the ability to practice real world activities in a virtual environment reduces the amount of time needed in the actual workshop, and so becoming more cost effective 
  • Fiscal efficiency - increasing the use of blended learning makes it possible to manage more learners with the same number of tutors 

Training Companies

If you are a Training company, using our products will provide you with the following benefits:

  • flexibility - delivery of content provides a more individual approach to distance learning
  • content management system - provides the ability to add own content around the existing i-GVS framework to create a bespoke learning environment
  • promotes independent learning - increased opportunity for remote learning, leading to a reduced need for direct learner contact, and increased performance
  • remote learner access through our cloud based learning management system
  • use of the same uniform structure across different courses – provides a clear overview of all course activity in one place
  • continuous monitoring and management of the learner process using live metrics – helps to provide transparency with every learner
  • fiscal efficiency - increasing the provision of distance learning makes it possible to manage a greater number of learners with the same number of tutors
  • business endorsement - promote your business as a leading user of interactive learning technology

TVET Providers Overseas

Our complete business solution has been designed to enhance the teaching and learning process, as well as bring fiscal efficiencies to the TVET sector. As an overseas TVET provider, working with Global Vocational Skills can provide many benefits to your educational institution or business, and these include:

  • use of our cloud-based delivery platform - key to providing instant access to our system without the need for an integrated VLE or existing IT infrastructure
  • access to our digital interactive learning content - brings with it the highly regarded best practices from the British TVET Sector, with all learning content complying with the UK National Occupational Standards
  • content localisation – all content can be translated according to your requirements, and it can also be localised to take into account any differences in curriculum and/or legislation that are specific to your region and country
  • content management system - provides the ability to add own content around the existing i-GVS framework to create a bespoke learning environment

Global Vocational Skills is working alongside a number of British beacon colleges who are championing the use of i-GVS. This collaboration means that we can facilitate visits to these colleges to enable you to see the product in action, and to provide you with additional training and support. It will also help to bring insight and a greater understanding about how to apply i-GVS with the use of blended learning methodology, as well as how to maximise its potential for improving teaching and learning effectiveness.


Experience i-GVS for yourself by requesting a FREE trial in your local TVET Sector. Explore the learning content and metrics available, and see how you too can benefit from this complete business solution.